How to truncate all tables in SQL Server.

To truncate all tables in SQL Server we need to create dynamic script.

DECLARE @TableName AS VARCHAR(1000) 
IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb.dbo.#AllTables') IS NOT NULL
    DROP TABLE #AllTables
SELECT name, ROW_NUMBER() over (order by name) as RNo
INTO #AllTables
FROM sys.tables

Declare @TotalTableCount int
Set @TotalTableCount =(Select Count(1) from #AllTables)
Declare @Counter int=1
WHILE (@Counter < @TotalTableCount)
        SELECT @TableName = name
        FROM   #AllTables Where RNo = @Counter
        SELECT @Script = 'truncate table ' + @TableName;        
        EXECUTE (@Script)
        Set @Counter += 1

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    Truncating all of the tables will only work if you don’t have any foreign key relationships between your tables, as SQL Server will not allow you to truncate a table with a foreign key.

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