Soap vs Rest API


  • SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol.
  • SOAP is a protocol.
  • SOAP uses HTTP and SMTP transport protocol.
  • SOAP supports only XML format.
  • Using HTTP, SOAP model can tunnel to across firewalls and proxies without any modification to the SOAP protocol.
  • SOAP is more secure as compare to REST because it uses own security model.
  • SOAP supports WS-Security and ACID transactions.
  • Sending message using XML is costly in terms of actual data being sent.


  • REST stands for Representational State Transfer.
  • Rest is an architectural style.
  • REST uses HTTP transport protocol.
  • REST support Text, JSON, XML formats.
  • REST is completely stateless means it treat each web request independently.
  • Rest does not store information of the previous request.
  • Restful services provide a good caching mechanism over HTTP GET method. This can improve the perfoƕmance if the data does not change frequently.
  • REST uses uniform interface to interact with all the components.
  • REST inherit security from underlying transport (Http, Https).
  • Sending message using JSON is cheaper in terms of actual data being sent.