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Spring Introduction

Spring is having five major components.
1. Dependency injection – Do not create or instanciate an object inside another java class . Instead rely on Spring’s IOP module to create the object for you.
2. Aspect Oriented programing – Do not mix non Business logic with actual Business logic in your classes like separate the logging, caching, transaction mang etc and business logic a+b from the same class.
3. Data Access/Integration – contains 5 sub modules JDBC, ORM, OXM, JMS, Transaction Management

  • Spring JDBC – opening and closing of database connections
    – Any exception handling code
    – Prepare and execute statements
    – ResultSet
  • Spring ORM – Object Relation Mapping
    – Provide full API support to integrate ORM tools like – Hibernate, JPA, IBATIS etc
  • Spring OXM – Converting a java object into XML or XML to java
    – Provide full APi support to to OXM frameworks like, JAXB, Caster, JiBX, etc
  • Spring JMS – Java messaging service
    – Provide full API support to produce and consume messages from JMS queues
  • Spring Transaction Management – Provide two ways of transaction management
    – Programmatic way and declarative way

4. Spring MVC – Using this we can make a web application using MVC pattern in a simple and good manner.
5. Test Framework – It provide support for testing spring components with JUnit and TestNG.